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We've been creating world-class cruising and racing catamarans since 1986. Production boats, custom builds from professional yards, and numerous home-built boats, some of which have matched the best professional yards for quality and attention to detail.


The technology of our catamaran construction kits has evolved in that time and we're proud to have been part of that evolution. Raku Catamarans draws on our experience and the skills and dedication of the professionals we've worked with. 


The designs, the people, and the range of resources associated with Raku Catamarans have been brought together to enable you to build a truly modern, high-performance cruising catamaran under your own command or totally hands-off by using the services of a professional yard.


Our work is design. Our passion is for elegant, efficient sailing equipment. Our mission is to put together the information that transforms ideas and concepts into real machines that enable memorable sailing experiences.


Our kit constructions allow you to select a sailing design that suits your style and budget. We also help you find a builder, or the technologies you need if you're constructing it yourself.




Our Study Plans provide an overview of the catamaran design. They include the layouts, specifications, sail plan, and an overview of the build process. 


The Project Books provide all of the detailed information that enables you to plan and price the project. The plans and electronic cutting files provide you or your builder with the information you need to bring your project to reality.


…and if you feel there's something missing, or you just need some advice, get in contact and ask the questions. That's a part of our mission too. Get in touch for more information.

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