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For over 30 years our catamaran kit designs have been setting the benchmark for performance standards on the Australian racing scene. Many of the technologies applied to our racing yacht designs are also applicable to our cruising catamaran boats.

It's the implementation of these technologies and design principles that has helped to establish the esteemed reputation for performance and seakeeping that our cruising designs enjoy today. Explore our sailing designs.

RAKU 36.jpg


Minimal yet uncompromising. Raku 36 is an inspired catamaran design bursting with potential energy and highly capable of some serious passage making.


Don't be deceived by the sporty styling. Raku 40 catamaran combines performance potential with its good looks and incorporates all the features for cruising that you come to expect in a cruiser in its size range.

Raku 40.jpg
Raku 44 Green Spi..jpg


With a focused approach to the design work and a keen eye on earlier designs, we've successfully created a comfortable cruising catamaran while retaining the sea handling and performance characteristics our designs are renown for.


Poised for the journey. Raku 48 features two great layout options for a liveaboard lifestyle. The sparkling performance and elegant styling come as a bonus.

Raku 48.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-02-05 at 16.20.02.jpg


With distinctive lines and great sailing dynamics, the Raku 52 puts the worlds oceans at your fingertips in a design that inherits its DNA from the legendary Chincogan 52

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