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3D Files available now for Rudder Blades and Stocks

If you have access to CNC and you're handy with vacuum laminating you can make your own rudder blades and composite rudder stocks using 3D files that will be supplied with all Raku plans, and also made available to builders who have already purchased plans.

You can use our 3D files to rout a mould complete with flange for vacuum or infusion, or you can simply carve the cheeks from PVC foam using a CNC router or power plane.

The rudder stock is made from a high density PVC foam mandril wrapped in alternate layers of unidirectional and biaxial carbon. A 3D file is also supplied for the mandrils or you can shape the mandrils by hand using the dimensions provided on the plans.

Similar files will be available for dagger boards in the coming weeks.

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