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Beach House open plan layout

Beach House Concept is a term we're using to describe a fully open plan layout that does away with the saloon bulkhead and totally encapsulates the saloon and cockpit spaces in one integrated living space.

We used a version of this layout on the Mauritius trimaran design, but what was missing was coordinating the cockpit and the shade roof so that the living and working spaces could be quickly and easily closed off with blinds, clears or tarpaulin style covers to provide security when the boat is unattended or to provide protection in case of bad weather.

Our Raku catamarans currently offer the option of an open plan with a wide opening in the saloon bulkhead. Beach House concept takes this design feature a step further, offering a layout that can be readily adapted to the climate or security needs at hand and in my view the ultimate layout solution for the tropical and temperate climate cruising lifestyle.

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