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Real Performance Data for Eole

We're familiar with seeing polar diagrams associated with promotional material for various designs, but these polars are rarely if ever supported by information such as the input data (especially boat weight if they're computer generated) and whether or not the data has actually been verified on the water.

A far more credible way to calibrate a boat's potential performance is to go sail it through a range of true wind angles and wind speeds, and record the resulting performance data with GPS readouts. It's easy to do, it's accurate, and if polar diagrams are produced from actual sailing results on the water why not show the GPS plots?

We present here some performance data that is recorded in the real world. The input data is the wind (the real stuff that ruffles your hair), and the boat under sail on the water- (the stuff that makes you wet when the spray is flying).

The data that we print here is what was recorded by the GPS on the TR36 trimaran Eole sailing off the coast of the Netherlands on July 19th 2022. They show Eole sailing at close to twice the wind speed in very light air and indicate that Eole can consistently sails at twice the wind speed, in light air at least.

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