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Ronstan Core Block Range

Ronstan invested significant time and effort in developing this functional and stylish range, for keelboat sailors.

Core Blocks come in three standard sizes:

Core 45 – Max rope diameter 12 mm, Boats up to 33ft*

Core 60 – Max rope diameter 12 mm, Boats up to 36ft*

Core 75 – Max rope diameter 14 mm, Boats up to 46ft*

* Ideal for mainsheet, halyard and Spinnaker sheet applications but also suitable for various control lines on larger yachts.

Designed to be robust, durable and provide trouble-free performance, the range has the following features:

• Two-Stage Universal Bearing system - For low to moderate loads, the acetal ball

bearings are used. For higher loads where these bearings can deform, a sliding acetal

plain bearing on a polished stainless-steel race takes over. This results in low friction

through the full load range.

• Aluminum cheeks – High quality, hard anodized aluminum with a low-weight, cut-

away design.

• Universal swiveling head with brass bearing washer provides smooth 360° rotation of

the post and shackle

• The hallow hub has been specially designed with flared edges, to allow it to be used

as a becket.

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