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Working with Kit Construction

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There are three possible avenues to get your project started with a CNC panel kit.

1. Purchase a set of plans including the electronic cutting files and manufacture your own kit by CNC cutting the PVC pieces, and laminating them using vacuum pressure or infusion.

2. Purchase a panel kit including the MDF mold frames and cradles from one of our suppliers. This kit will not include ancillary materials such as tapes, resins and powders.

3. Purchase a DuFlex kit from VDL Composites (Europe) or ATL Composites (Australia and the rest of the world). The Duflex kit includes ancillary materials and we can design the kit to incorporate your custom requirements including the cabinets for the saloon furniture if preferred.

We've added a new page to the web site to provide more detail on the kit options. You can see it here.

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