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Rigs for Raku

Carbon Rigs

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Pauger has developed a unique technology to produce high-quality carbon fiber rigging; masts, booms, spinnaker poles and bow-sprits at a reasonable price level not only for top racing boats but also for cruisers from 20’ to 60’. Pauger have recently supplied the rig for the TR36 Trimaran built at Waarschip in the Netherlands.

Lorima are established as one of the world's leading companies in the design and manufacture of carbon rigs, with special expertise in multihulls. Lorima supplied the rig for the R42 trimaran Venom and can supply pricing for the Raku 52. They are able to quote for rigs for any of our larger designs on request.

Rigs for Raku

Alloy Rigs

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Allyacht Spars Australia

Allyacht Spars (Australia) design and manufacture aluminium rigs and provide a full rigging service for all of the yachts in our range. Allyachts  know multihulls and they know about rig design.

Sparcraft Masts
South Africa

With over 35 years of rig building experience Sparcraft Masts offer a range of products and services and are highly experienced with design and construction of rigs for multihull yachts from 21' up to 75' LOA.



Ian MacRobert

or check their web site:

Sparcraft France

Sparcraft has been associated with engineering excellence and innovation in the marine industry for over 30 years, specialising in the design, engineering and manufacture of masts, booms and rigging systems of the highest quality.

They can supply quotes for our full range of Raku catamarans


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